lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011

En el camino

En el camino is an efficient and magnificent template for blogger users. This theme is designed with such practices that your users would think twice whether it is a Blogger Template, or not because it has all the elements just like WordPress Themes. This template is ideal for those websites which running a Gadget niche blog including multimedia, technology and etc. The color combination of White, blue, and gray makes this theme adorable. It is a crystal clear theme with some robust features.

Template Name: En el camino OPintemplates
Platform: Blogger / Blogspot
Release date : 08, dec 2011
Author :
License : Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
Level :Template Premium Original
Stile : Magazine
Features :  two columns, fluid width, tree columns at foot
Color : Brown, black. grey

Evaluation :
correct operating
Template Propio basado en uno caduco de Gimbola.

This Template is free to use and is not actively supported by the author, but will be monitored for serious bugs that may need correcting.

Creative Commons Attribution: You are free to use, distribute or adapt this template for your personal or commercial website. But, you must attribute the work to the author. Should not remove credit links.

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